March 1, 2010

Hi!!! everyone just to let you know i am safe and sound. also before i forget my new email address is i had to change it today. well the earthquake was exciting. in our apartment we had only miner damages, a few things broke (like that cd player that i have) bummer!! :) and some glass but all in all we are ok. well we havent had electricity or water since it happened, thats fun. it happened in the night at like 3:57 in the morning, it woke us up and the whole house was shaking and the apartments were swaying back and forth like crazy, we live on the forth floor. so we ran under the door frame were we where told was safer, and prayed the whole time. throughout the day all of saturday and part of sunday there were aftershocks and one level 4 i think, but nothing like the first. then all of saturday we had to stay in the house and couldnt leave, the phones were down and no power the whole time. but our apartments held up well, there are some houses that were completely destroyed and a lot that were only partly, of some members as well, but they are all ok en my sector. we didnt have church on sunday, and spent the day visiting members and people in need. we were supposed to have changes today but of course that didnt happen, new missionaries cant even get into the country. well i love you all and will talk to you later, sorry i dont have much time to answer more questions, just pray for the people and members here in chile.
Love Elder Tyler Nelson

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