March 22, 2010

Thanks for the fotos! its good to see that you guys are enjoying the cabin. we have had some aftershocks but they have been down in the south where the earthquake hit. so they were not very strong here, there hasnt been much damage here where i am. just people freaking out. life is pretty much back to normal for us. its a country of earthquakes, and they kind of expect them here. but things are going great here, i have been having some great experiences, and we can really see the hand of the lord in his work. i have been with Elder Fuller for 3 transfers at the end of this one, (4 1/2 months) in the same sector also, i am enjoying every minute of it, and am learning tons every day. i have a big testimony that if we do our part that the lord will always complete his part. God is always willing to bless us, we only have to give him a reason to do so. i love you guys and i pray for you always. Sean firmes en el evanglio, y en su fé. hagan sus oraciones y lean los escrituras, y puede recibir la fuerza para superar sus desafios. hay gran poder en la expiacion, si estudiamos y aplicamos la expiacion en nuestros vidas, tendremos el poder de cambiar, y purificar nuestros corazones. les amo muchisimo, y hay esta los fotos!!!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Tyler Nelson
Sorry, i couldnt help it! :)

(Spanish to English Translation: Be firm in the Gospel and in your faith. Say your prayers and read the scriptures and you can receive the strength to overcome your challenges and trials. There is great power in the Atonement. If we study and apply the Atonement in our lives, we will have the power to change and purify our hearts. I love you all very much. Here are the pictures!!!!!!)

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  1. Elder Nelson the photos are great! You look marvelous, and it sounds like your mission is going so well. I appreciate your testimony in Spanish. It helps me practice my Spanish, and I liked having a translation to make sure I understood the meaning correctly. What a joy to see the Lord's hand in our lives. Your birthday is coming up! It is "BE KIND TO ELDER NELSON" week. Be sure to tell your companion to be extra kind! Love, Aunt Lori