March 29, 2010

Hey, its great to here from you thanks you the letter, i did get the package, thank you very much it was perfect. i did write the scotts, i wrote mom and she said that she printed out my email and sent it to them. so hows work been? hows your health? i have a great testimony of the importance of being obedient with exactness. when we make promises with the lord, and we comply with our part, God is able to bless us. for example, me and my comp,
decided that we are going to every day do some things perfectly obedient, like a promise to God. and as we have completed, God has pored out blessing upon us. and it has been in ways that we never expected. for example by
doing 20 contacts every day, without flt, god has put families in our path, families of gold. that are prepared to accept us. i have a great testimony of obedience. one think that is very very cool, and i am very excited about. one of my converts, here in this sector, his name is Bryan, he is 13 years old, and reminds me of chad just a little more shy is going to receive the priesthood, on the 11th of April. and we are talking with him about his mission right now. to help him have the desire to serve. its incredible the tender mercies that the lord shows us and the fruits that we are able to see right now. i love this work, i love being able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord. and this young man reactivated his mom, and its only a matter of time till his father is baptised. i love this ward. i was blessed to have my birthday on a sunday. and i was really able to feel the love of the members here in this ward. in fact the dad of another convert of mine,who is not a member but shortly will be, gave me a gift that i didn't want to except, a watch, of Mercedes-benz, and he accidentally left the price tag, it is a limited edition 100 dollar watch. needless to say i dont think i will be using it, but will keep it in the case. i also received other things very cool, i feel very loved here in chile. well thank you so much for everything, for your example to me as a worthy priesthood holder. i hope you are working Chad into the ground, the times that i was working with you and doing all those things with you, were the best times of my life, and i will never forget the thinks i learned and the good times i had. i love you, and am praying for you health. thank you for everything.
Your son,
Elder Tyler Nelson
p.s. if you could send this to mom, i don't have time to write again. sorry mom!!!! i love you

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