March 8, 2010

Hola como está? its good to hear from you all. thank you for your concern and support that you have shown me. we are all fine here in chile, well the missionaries are at least. some dont have houses and lost a lot but mostly down south, only a few in santiago. the church has done alot here in chile to help, the people badly affected. things have been a little different here, but be have tried to get back to work as soon as possible, we have seen that the lord knows what hes doing and is preparing the people here to better accept the gospel, opening their hearts. everything passes for a reason. we have heard some amazing stories as well, and know that the lord blesses and protects his people. we have had to take some extra safety measures but other than that we are getting back to normal, we have water and light now so that is good, also we have food in the house so we dont have to fast for several days in a row, that is good, and i only lost a few pounds do to lack of food. the members are great to us here and are really looking out for us. i am just happy to be in the service of the lord and no matter what happens, its ok, if we are perpared and doing what we should be doing. well i love you all and hope you have a great week, and dont worry im sure those packages will come, also, im going to go buy a new cd player if its ok, the old one broke in the earthquake, we are going to go into the center plaza of town today, and i think i will buy one there. thank you for everything and i love you all.

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  1. Elder Nelson, I enjoy your upbeat and humble attitude. I love that you are open to the Lord's direction. Qué Bueno! Tú es muy fiel. Yo tango una examen en mi clase de español este semana. Me gusta mi clase de español!
    We love you and are so glad you're doing well!