November 29, 2010

hey, hows it going? im glad that you had a great thanksgiving. it was my first thanksgiving that i didnt do anything, so that was a little funny. my comp is from canada so his thanksgiving is in october, so we just didnt really remember. i got your package the other day thanks so much, i am excited to be able to open it. we are living in an apartment with 4 missionaries, its kind of crazy because i have only ever lived with my comp before, but its a lot of fun. we are teaching a few families that are really great, we are working really hard, i want to give my comp the chance to get his first baptism. i love the mission and never want it to end, its the best thing that i have ever done. actually i wanted to ask you how you feel about me buying some protein, thats kind of a weird question but i was thinking it would help me alot stay in shape.
Love all of you thank you all for everything.
Elder Tyler Nelson

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