November 8, 2010

transfers!!!! i am leaving the city and heading for the country. to a city called Los Andes and i get to train and open a new sector. so we will see how that goes. it was hard to leave a sector after 6 months, you grow to really love the people. but im very excited to get to work and explore this sector. we have been very busy and now i will be the busiest i have ever been in the mission. but im very excited. we are waiting to meet up with the new elders and then go to are sector for the first time. i am doing great, thank you for everything. sorry its short but, thats all i got. love you guys and im glad everything is great.
Talk to you later!!
Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Elder Nelson,
    Congrats on your new assignment as a trainer - Keep up the great work.

    Bro Neher