November 15, 2010

hey hows it going! I'm doing great here in the country. actually i have new been more busy than ever in all my life. I'm training a new elder called elder Payne from Canada, Alberta. a great elder. i am really blessed to have him as my companion. i am opening a new sector here, starting from nothing. in a part where there are very little members living in my sector. i feel like I'm new in the mission again, a great and very scary feeling. i think i am learning what it really means to have confidence in God, faith in his strength and not my own. i will say i have never been so tired in all my life. but its a good feeling and i am determined to have success, for the sake of my companion who new in the mission. sorry i have not been able to write the essays but I'm getting on to it. if i don't get it done today i will for sure have it in the next Monday. the interview i am still trying to set up, it has been a little hard to do it, but I'm working on it.
i wanted to ask you guys, all you guys, to answer a question in preach my Gospel. it says to ask you guys to share how you have been blessed or what blessing you have received as you have lived a certain commandment? Or how has our family been blessed when we have obeyed the law of tithing? something i can use with investigators.
Love you guys, thank you for all your support and for your prayers.
Love Elder Tyler Nelson

also i forgot to tell you that i kind of bought my xmas gift. today i bought an exercise thing to use. It's really useful. i will be able to use it the whole mission. thanks ;) for the gift, its what i have always wanted. love you guys

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