November 21, 2010

This thanksgiving weekend, i wanted to first express my gratitude for everything that you guys have done as parents and as examples, for me. everything that i am right now i can trace back to my family. thanks for putting up with us all this time. thanks for answering my request with the blessing that you have received. it helped a lot. so that you know i got the interview with pres. and he said that he will put it online and today i will try and write the other essay. if you want to go through and change or correct things i don't have a problem with that. they're not very good and i didn't know what else to write. actually that first one i wrote in my last year of high school, and it doesn't really answer the question. we are doing great here in Los Andes, the country!!! I'm happy to be back in the country, the people are nicer. these last few weeks have been the hardest and most rewarding weeks that i have had in the mission. i love my companion and i love the chance i have to have to train him, because i feel like hes the one that's training me. we had a conference with Elder Corbridge from the 70. that was incredible, i testify that he is called of God, and that this church is the true church. well i love you guys and thank you for everything. I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!! i don't want it to ever end. in fact i am making the decision right now to always be a representative of Jesus Christ and to always help to build the kingdom of God.
Elder Tyler Nelson


  1. I'm grateful for your testimony Elder Nelson. What a wonderful decision you've made to always be a representative of Jesus Christ. You will always be blessed for that! We love you!

  2. We love you Tyler, and are grateful for what a wonderful example you are to us. You've always been fun to be around, and we are excited to get to know the wonderful spiritual man you have become. We are thinking of you this holiday season, especially as our thoughts turn to Christ and we try to be better people. Love you lots, Aunt Wendy.