January 17, 2011

oops, sorry i didnt write last week. there was a problem and i couldnt get to it. but before i forget i will write the letter to the scotts.....done. ;) so im trying a new thing and i made a list of some of the things that happened during the week. we had a crazy week full of ....challenges. here it is.
we were in the house of some members teaching a lesson about charity, when suddenly they start telling us about a lot of problems that they have been having and how the father is going to just leave. then the son started yelling, and then the dad got up and just started beating up of the kid. i couldnt just sit there so i got up to stop it. but i wasnt able to. It was the weirdest thing i have felt, because it was like i could not move. well God helped me out a lot because it is not something that we do as missionaries...we cant get into that kind of thing. then he left and left us there with the mom. i didn't know that to say or do, but was prompted to give a blessing. as we put our hands on her head, i felt a feeling of love so strong. it was like something that i have never felt before, we just started crying. i know that it was the love that the savior feels for her and that he used us to let her know.
that was my real dramatic experience this week.
some other funny things that happened are those funny Spanish mix ups. my companion was buying Turkey (pavo) but said dirt(Polvo), needless to say i was laughing my head off. And you would think that with older people that kind of thing never happens, but we were buying lunch another day and a sister from the ward was buying. so she told us to go next door and buy a drink. but as she was saying it she repeated the "next door" part at the end. well in Chile when talking they don't say the d at the end of the word very much, so instead of understanding ´´a lado´´ i understood Helado. in Chile they say the two words very much the same, she was very confused when we walked out with ice cream.
Also our tires got slashed on our bikes. that was a bummer. a sister we just got active broke her foot going down the stairs at a Family night we were having in the church. ( there's another cool blessing story with that one, and she is doing a lot better)
what else?
i played basketball for the first time in a long time, that was embarrassing.
a lot of things happened but more than anything i could really see the hand of God in my week. the work goes on and we are finding the people that need us, the best thing it to get to a family and hear that we got there right when we needed to and that we gave the mesage that we needed to give in that moment. the Spirit is a wonderful thing.
well i hope that that was better.
Love you guys,
Elder Tyler Nelson

(Sorry, I can't get this image to flip around...)
Getting my hair cut from a sister. It was her first time.

Typical missionary food. Eating a bag of cookie dough.

A really cool bike ride.

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  1. Your bike ride sounds and looks great! And thank you for sharing those experiences with the investigators and members. It is good you are paying such close attention to the hand of the Lord in your life. Thank you for the reminder! I can use that too.