January 31, 2011

What an awesome missionary. This letter cracks me up. :)

Hey Fam,
I have had a great week. we had transfers in the mission but i stayed here with the same comp so thats cool. we found the same guy that day, and hes doing alright. we are not teaching him but we felt like we were in the right place at the right time to help. its good to feel like God has that confidence in you.

so just to let you guys know what went on this week:
first we found a family that is really cool, Felix and Joseline, and their two little girls. Joseline is amazing and progressing really well. Felix is just crazy and funny. He likes to party and drink. but they're are only like 24 and 25 years old and not married, so thats going to be a hard one but, there progressing so thats awesome.
something funny, we were walking down the street and there was this old lady picking fruit. so like good missionaries we stopped to help. we picked all the fruit off that tree. then as we were finishing the neighbors walked out and noticed what we were doing. they then said to each other,"they're stealing the fruit off the neighbors tree!!" so then the old lady is like thank you, and just walks off with all that fruit. nothing happened or anything but we just robbed this guy thinking we were doing service.( not our fault :) ) but it was really funny.
also as we were in the street this huge part of a tree just fell down on top of this car with a bunch of kids in it. close call but they're all right. We passed this guy that was wasted on his bike who stopped us. at the time i didnt know he was wasted. he stopped my comp and was like "you guys have to help me because i just hate life and im all alone". so we were like ok, we are going to help you. then he told us that he was going to shoot himself. we thought oh no not again, so we tried to help him. but he just got mad. then we saw that he was just really really smashed. but at this point he wouldnt let us go. i dont think my comp noticed that he had been drinking, but i was just going to end it because we were not getting anywere with this drunk guy. so i gave him a pamphlet and said that we would go by his house. then it just turned funny because he took the thing and just chucked it, yelled at us and said "i just wanted a hug, is that to much to ask?" so i gave him a hug and left laughing. it was a great experience. helping people here in chile one hug at a time.
but we have really been blessed this week, i am mystified be the tender mercies of the lord that he gives us everyday. at the time things just seem like trials, but as we look back we realize that the times we grow the most aren't when we have easy times but the hard times. God has an incredible armor for us. as we increase our understanding of God's plan, we begin to see that hes in charge and to see the things from his point of view. its good stuff.
Love you guys,
Elder Nelson

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  1. Yeah Elder Nelson, I love that you're helping and serving in Chile, One Hug at a Time!! Great experiences. Thanks for sharing them with us. We feel your enthusiasm and your strong testimony and it lifts us up!