January 3, 2011

Hey hows it going, I'm writing a little later because we went on a 3 hour bike ride through the mountains this morning and it took a lot of time, but it was a lot of fun. it sounds like a lot of fun what everyone is doing, i was really happy to hear from jessie and kevin also, it sounds like they're doing great, and i cant wait to get the pictures. i wanted to ask breanna a favor, if she could. i found out that in the mission, nobody asks for emails. Instead they just look everyone up on facebook. i know that sounds dumb but it is huge here in chile. i know nothing of facebook but its the only way that i can keep in touch with companions and converts and members here in chile. i was wondering if bre could make me one and get it going so that i can just give people my full name and be able to keep in touch with them, after the mission. i cant use it on the mission and i don't want to have to worry about it and have it be a distraction so if she could do it that would be great. love you guys!!!!
Elder Nelson

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  1. That's a good idea because people in the US can access it and some members there in Chile may even post pictures of you (or videos) so your family can see them.