January 24, 2011

Dear Family,

Hey Hows it going!!! I'm going great!! we have had a great week. I'll start with a funny experience. we were in a car with a few members when we ran into one of those police stops that are pretty common here. well my comp got freaked out a little bit. and when the cop, who was not having a great day, he got a suspicious of us because we don't look like we are from here. i was in the front seat and Elder Rhodes in back. I'm not sure why but my comp put his hands in the air and looked really nervous, and red, but hes always red and we are kind of burnt. so the cop started asking a lot of questions and my comp couldn't really answer very well in Spanish. well it was all really funny and ended with my companion getting searched. he was freaked out and the rest of us were laughing our heads off afterwords. its great to be new in the mission!!

i hope that dads doing alright and that hes getting better. i dont need to tell you that hearing that kind of stuff makes me worried. he better be taking good care of himself. please keep me posted. its great hearing of the success that your having there in the ward. keep it up, and keep helping the converts.
Well, love you all thanks for everything.
Elder Nelson

P.S. i got the christmas card, thats a really old picture of me, it was weird to see it. but i really liked the whole thing.

Hey Jessie, How's it going,
Its great to see the pictures, it looks and sounds like you are doing great. i got your Christmas card this last week. it looks great!!! just to let you know its alright to send the video. i don't think there is any rule against it, not that i have heard of anyway. we had an experience that was very interesting on our way here to use the Internet. we passed a man walking here, and said hi to him. then waiting at a light he caught up to us, and we passed him again. as we were walking a man fell down on his bike so we stoped to help him. as we were helping him the man walking passed us again. then we kept going and passed him for the last time. as we passed him, and he was behind us, he yelled to us( which is not unusual). what we thought is the worth of a life, so we walked with him talking. As we stopped he told us that he was going to see his dad and his brother to say goodbye, and that he was going to end his life. We were placed in his path to help him, he told us to go to his house later and to give him a reason to live. i don't know what will happen later but i know that God uses us to help his children in need and to be an instrument in the hands of God. Also to be worthy in order to be able to help. that desire weighs heavy on my soul.
Thank you so much for your support and for everything that you guys do. Jess you have always been a great example for me and i am very grateful to have been blessed with such a great family.
Elder Nelson

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  1. Wow, what an amazing opportunity to be a Savior for someone in need. Thanks for sharing that Elder Nelson!