August 26th, 2009

hey how is it going! thank you all for the great letters that you have sent me. The ties were great thank you( don't worry Kevin i just wanted some to trade with my district, the ugler the tie the better you get for it, although i apreciate the concern.) This week has been the crazyest week i have had here. One of my teachers left us to go back to school and i am going to miss him greatly. he has been the biggest influence on me since i have gotten here. he is the coolest guy that i know, and the most spiritual. Next on my list to be translated. then on tuesday one of my roommates (Elder Ganem) blacked out in the bathroom and split his head open, it was crazy! he came walking up to me and told me he couldn't remember anything, then he felt his head and all the blood on his head. he then droped to the floor and started shaking. anyway long story short we got him out of there and now he has 4 staples in his head, hes alright now. by the way inorder to help stop the blood(and there was a lot of it) i had to use most of my white socks because it was the only thing we had at the time. i was wondering if you could send me somemore. some of those short ones that i used to ware will work great. i really apprieciate it. enough about that though. Mom i totally want you to read Jesus the Christ is has really helped me understand the Savior, it would be so cool if you did that and you can even tell me about it if you want, i love talking about it and my comp has not read it yet. yesterday at the devo. we had our first apostle. Elder Scott came and talked with us it was so cool. there is just a different spirit when he was there. DandC 128:22 is a good one( i think that is the right ref.) check it and see if it is the one about going on in so great a work, i dont have my Sticks with me at the moment. i will be able to call you when i am at the airport. i asked my branch Pres. and he said he wants me to. so we dont have our flight plans yet but it is on Sept. 14 and i think we have to be at the airport at 12 noon but im not sure. one otherthink i was wondering about that memorie card i sent home, if you were sending it back. its no big deal i just would like to take a few more pics. i hope the cabin is going well i liked the pics you sent me. thank you. Jessie i think its great that you are doing that marathon. and i wish i could do it with you! but i love it here and wouldnt be anywere else. i love the gospel and am coming to a greater understanding of what it means to me everyday. well out of time. Love you all and thank you for your prayers it means alot. till next week.

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