August 5th, 2009

Hey everyone how are you doing? I found out how to print off my emails, so don't worry about not emailing me. send me as many as you want! Mom thanks for the email. its great on wed. because we get to go to the temple. It really fine tunes your abiility to feel the spirit. in fact that is what our devotional was on. we have not gotten anyone higher than a seventy but they still have been great. i did write Stevan and just read the letter. i am so happy he is doing well. i got Jareds letter and hope i get to see him when he gets here. one other thing i was hoping you could send me is a wash cloth for my face. i sent a letter to Jessie with info. on the calendars but i just want one for each year, some of those larger nice ones. that would be great. and thank you once again. i got the pics, it was nice to be able to show people my family. it would be cool to get pics of the cabin also. Dad, how is the cabin going? have you been able to go up there yet? that is one of the things i miss the most, besides all of you of course! i will send you that pic of me and i also have one of my district on there. i found some padded slips to put them in from the bookstore. i am glad that you all are healthy and doing well. Bree and chad i am still waiting for you to write me!! you can email if you would like. Bree i hope you are about to find a job( although you probably dont want to actually find one) and hope school and life is going well. Chad i hope you are staying fit and getting big(although you will never get bigger than me!!) hope sports and school and most importaintly girls are going well. Jessie and kev, thanks for all the support it really means alot!! love you mom and dad, hope you are getting used to living without me(i know its hard). love you all and be sure to write me lots!!!!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Dont worry I know you miss me so much so I am coming august 12th!!!