August 19, 2009

Hey family. How is it going? so i have started basically doing everything in spanish. From here on out all the lessons are in spanish and my teachers mostly speak in spanish. i will hopefully start picking it up better. i will say that the most effective way i have found to learn spanish so far is to read out of the B of M in spanish and to just teach as many times as i can. i am still not very good but am suprised at how much i do know. i am sad to say that i have gained some weight here at the mtc but i am trying to lose it all. infact i have not had any soda for 3 weeks and probably wont for the rest of my stay here at the mtc. it is cool because 2 of the teachers here in my zone are natives from chile. so we have been getting a lowdown on what its like from them. i guess they have a breakfast, big lunch, and no dinner, or sometimes a dinner at like 1030, so i wont be having dinner most likely. so that will be weird. Jared came here to the mtc. it was great to see him. i dont get to see him much though which is to bad. i loved getting an email from both of you, thanks for writing! i need to take your advise and write in a journal. for some reason that is really hard to do, and i haven't really been doing that. but i will make a better effort because i really want to remember all the things that have happen to me here. i do have one request, i told jessie about this in a letter i sent her but it came back....2 TIMES....i also sent her some pictures so im hoping she will get it some time this week. anyway i was wondering if you could send me some ties. some poly ties to be more exact. the fatter and the uglyer the better. but i really really want some more. so if its not to much trouble and you have time i would love to get some kind of soon. if you could get a bag of them like we got before that would be great. by the way thanks for the callender and the flip-flops. they were exactly what i needed. well life is going good here, im working as hard as i can and somehow am able to stay awake during the week. it is most likely a miracle! on that note i am reading Jesus the Christ right now and am loving it. for the first time i feel like a am really getting to know the Savior personally. i would recommend that you read it again sometimes, it is a great book. well i am out of time so i love you and have a great week!
Love,Elder Nelson
P.S. i will keep grandma and grandpa in my prayers and i hope that they will be all right, please keep me updated.

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  1. Buenos Dias. I hope your Spanish experience goes well. Great preparation. I keep forgetting that Tyler doesn't see these comments. Well, I love reading them, so thank you!