August 12, 2009

Hey everyone!

This week has been great! it is the last week we are teaching in english, the rest of the time is in spanish! the only problem is i don't speak spanish. I am so happy to hear everything is going well back home. Thank you to everyone who has been writing me, and keep up the good work. Thanks to all my family and friends for the support it means so much to me.( Breanna thanks for writing fanally!) i tried to send more pics to Jessie but it got sent back, so i will try to send it again. it just has a pic of me for that mission thing mom needed it for and a pic of my Zone and district. it is strange to think of myself as the OLDER group. but all the new guys coming in seem so young. the "Idioma" is coming along, but i still have so much to learn. i was very cool doing a practice spanish first lesson the other day. (very short) and was supprised at how much i know.

Jessie and Kevin, Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. you have been a great Brother and Sister to me and it has been a great souce of strength.

Thanks to everyone who sent me letters. i love getting them. Thank you Chad, mom, dad, Bre, Jessie and kevin, Aunt Lori, and Lindsay and everyone else who wrote me.

thank you sister Lewis for the package it was great to hear from you and to be able to read that letter of Stevan's.

Anneke, sorry i haven't written you a letter yet. i hope everything is going well- school and work and everything.

Breanna I hope your job works out. just stick with is and it will get better.

By the way the flip flops are just and pair, (ones that can get wet in the shower and wont be slick when wet). for my daily exercise i workout mostly, but i have been playing a lot of soccer with these english Elders in this district going to Romania. They are way good, and my district looses mostly but they are very cool and we have a lot of fun. i have not played volleyball yet but hopefully will sometime. i did not really have a caffeine headache so that was cool, (I guess the lord really blessed me because I should have had a huge one!) i actually am trying to go the whole time here at the MTC without drinking Soda(not fun). in response to your quandrary(YES) you should just do all three!(just kidding)-but really you should!!

Kevin your letter was way cool because i could read almost all the spanish you put in there. i will write something in spanish back sometime. Im glad you like your new ward and house. i hope the job is going well, im glad you like your crew.

Chad thanks for writing and hope your eagle review goes well (and mom did not go to mine ether).

By the way, i went to the temple today and did initiatories also, it was way cool, i haven't done those since my own.

Dad i hope everythings going well at work and with the cabin, i miss it very much. i love you all and sorry if i didn't answer all your questions. i will try to write some of you during the week.

Love you all,Tyler Nelson

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  1. Wow, he's doing great. That's great he's to the Spanish part of the MTC! It's also cool that he is enjoying the atmosphere of the MTC. Nick loved the soccer too. That was one thing he really looked forward to. Great job Tyler!