September 28, 2009

Hey! hows it going? i was sorry to hear about your knee, i hope it gets better. i have been doing great! it is a lot of fun being out here. i want to send you some pictures but i dont have a usb cord for my camera, so im not sure how im going to do it. i hope you got my email form last week, they said there were some problems with the email i might send it again just in case. anyway church was great this week we had like 39 people come instead of 29, so it was on the upswing. we have one investagator there which was great. we have to good investigators right now, Abrahm and Rosa. on pdays i havent done much sight seeing because we are so far outside of santiago. i dont know if i told you but we are in this little town called batuco. the little branch here is small but i plan on making it grow, we still do a lot of reactivation with the inactives. i wanted to thank grandma and grandpa for the letters. it was great to hear from them, and am glad to hear they are doing well. it is still hard to understand the people here but i am starting to pick it up better. they speak very fast and do not pronounce the s at the end of words, and have a lot of slang. the food is good i am getting used to it. we ate with a member, but it got to expensive so we cant eat with her any more. but we found someone else to go to that will do it for free. because we are so far outside of santiago the food is more expensive. we have also had to go into santiago everyday this past week because my comp Elder Ojeda has had some medical problems with his skin, and that gets expensive also. but thats alright because i have gotten to see some of the city as well. it has been very cold here especially at night, and it rained last nnight, but i am trying to enjoy it because i hear it getts very hot here in the summer. they have this thing here called empanadas which are really good, but i eat a lot of beans and rice. the people in my area are very poor, actually the santiago North mission is the poorest mission in santiago. but thats ok because humble people are more receptive to the gospel. by the way it takes like ten to 15 days for letters and packages to get here. i hope the Dentons and the Bloomquists are doing well, the boat trip sounded very eventful. well i dont have much else, i will try to send the email from last week as well just in case you didnt get you all and will talk to you next monday.
Love,Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Elder Nelson's awesome! Great attitude. I'm so glad he's doing well. We're thinking of him every day and praying for him,