September 2, 2009

Hey Everyone! hows it going? i am doing great thank you for all the letters and emails, it means alot. well its getting closer. Sept 14 is just around the corner. its a little scary but well faith and fear cannot coexsist so right now i am trying to get rid of my fear. i know that the lord will help me with what needs to be said. i am getting very excited! i am a little sick of the food and the routine here, but i know i will miss it when i am gone. the spanish is coming slowly, i will say though i know a lot more than i thought i knew. when we get tought by the younger districts that come in (because we are now the oldest district in the zone) i am always supprised by how much i do know. just to let you know my roommate is doing great, he just got his staples out of his head. i finished Jesus the Christ on monday, it has been a great experience reading it. now i get to go back and really study it. my favorite chapters were the last three, expecially the long night of the apostasy. it has been great and i really recommend it to whoever wants to reads it. Happy birthday Mom! thanks for everything you do, i dont have much i can give you for your birthday but this, that i love you and see what you do for your kids and me. the great example that you are to me, you are a rock of strangth that i lean on every day. i see the relationship that you and dad share and want that same kind of loving relationship when i get married, i just want you to know that i am working as hard as i can here and want so very much to make you guys proud. sorry but i dont have much time today, just want to let you know that i love you all and am very grateful for your support. thank you for everything, i know the gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is my Savior. the Book of Mormon is true and by reading it we can come closer to Christ.
Love,Elder Nelson

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  1. What Better Birthday gift could a Mom ask for??
    What a wonderful son.