September 12, 2009

Elder Nelson leaves for Chile in TWO DAYS!! We are so excited for him and can see how much he has already grown. He is going to do great in Chile. Pray for him and the other missionaries in their travels. Thank you for all of your support throughout Elder Nelson's MTC stay. He has truly appreciated it.

Hey hows it going! so i did not know this but i guess that i get to email today also! sweet! today is the Pday that they give you right before you leave so you can pack and clean and stuff. so i have spend most of today packing and cleaning and getting everything that i need. well i am very excited to talk to you on monday and for a change of location. in the MTC the days go by slow but the weeks go by fast. i cannot believe that it has been 2 months. i see trevor Howe sometimes, i miss talking with him he is a funny guy and i have a lot of great memories. well i dont have much to say today i just thought that since i had time and they let me get on i would write and say hello. have a great weekend and i will talk to you at the airport. by the way i didnt get that card today. i leave for the airport at like 11:00 so i dont know if i will get it on monday ether. i guess that they would then forward it to me in Chile so i guess it alright. im sure it will work out. i might call you from both airports just to let you know. just in case. well love you.
Love,Elder Tyler Nelson
P.S. i might not get so send the pics to you until monday so sorry about that.

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