September 17, 2009

Mom got an email from Sister May. Elder Nelson has made it safely to Chile and has begun the work. As you'll see below, Hermana May has shared the address to the Chile North Mission Blog! It is really fun to look through. I'll keep that address here on this blog over there ------->
On the Chile Blog, I saw that Elder Nelson's companion is: Elder Ojeda! You can see pictures of all of the companions as they are meeting, etc. on the blog. I'm excited to hear more from Elder Nelson next Monday to see what it has been like this week.

Dear Parents of the great missionaries of the Chile Santiago North Mission,

Your sons all arrived here safely to the Chile Santiago North Mission! We love them already; as they are so easy to love. They come with high hopes, and great enthusiasm to share their testimony, speak Spanish, and be their very best. We are impressed with their faithful and happy attitudes, and are so grateful that the Lord has sent them to serve here. We will take good care of them.

We reminded them of Doctrine and Covenants 128:19, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet…bringing glad tidings of good things,” like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We took a photo of their nice, new, shiny shoes which will soon be worn out in the service of the Master, and these missionaries will be walking in His footsteps as they come to know Him in their individual lives. What a blessing for us all. The people here in Chile will welcome your sons and will also love them, because they are messengers of the Lord, coming to serve them.

President May interviewed each one individually, and then after prayer and inspiration, determined which trainer would be assigned to each new missionary. Our trainers are the most obedient, humble missionaries, and we know that they will teach and guide your Elder here, with Christ like patience, love and understanding. The office elders had a simple orientation, helping them to learn how to adjust to the food, money, habits, customs, and legal requirements here in Santiago.

Please know that their Preparation days are on Monday, and they will be allowed to email to you only then. They can write letters on that day also, and you may write to your missionary by email, but they also LOVE to receive letters by mail too. This is the mission office address, where you can send letters and packages directly, where they are then distributed weekly to the missionaries during their zone training classes, usually held on Tuesdays:

Chile Santiago North Mission Office
Forestal 2680 Oficina #32
Conchali’, Santiago

We also have a mission blog,, where we are constantly updating and adding new articles, photos, President’s letters, etc, you may visit. Please click on the small thumbnail photos of your sons, and they will enlarge for better viewing. This blog will demonstrate some of the conferences, activities, projects our missionaries are attending. We do NOT allow our missionaries to go to the blog, until after they finish their mission, so it is only for parents, friends and our past missionaries. Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters with us here in the Chile Santiago North Mission. You will be blessed in their absence, and we respect and admire you for your offering. This is the Lord's Church, and He loves His missionaries!

Hermana May
Sister/Hermana Carol May


  1. yay! glad he made it there safe!

  2. That is awesome to have the mission blog! I love the pic with Elder Nelson and his first companion!