September 9, 2009

Hey everyone, well this it the last week! it is pretty crazy to think that i have been here so long. i am glad to hear that you had a great birthday it sounded like a lot of fun. i have been very busy here trying to get ready to leave. i got my Flight plans last week i will give them just to let you know whats going on:
American Airlines 1242 LV: Salt Lake at 300PM on the 14 to Dallas FT Worth ariving to 635 PMAMerican Airlines 945 LV: Dallas at 9:10PM on the 14 ariving in Santiago Chile at 7:40 AM on the 15
well thats the plan. so i am able to call anyone at the airport so i can call Home and up at the cabin just let me know who will be where and the numbers i need to call i am just going to get one of the call cards and talk as long as i can. i think that the Credit Card is a great idea, just tell me how it works when you send it. i will be taking out some money today or tomorrow so be prepared for that. so i hope everyone is doing all right i have really injoyed the letters that have been sent, Jessie and Kevin thanks for the letters and the garments i needed them and was afraid they wouldnt get here in time. thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the letters it means a lot when you write i hope that you got my letter that i sent. congrats to Bre. on the big date i think i remember who Josh Lee is but im not sure. i am sure you will have a great time. Chad i heard that you are getting quite in shape. but i bet that i can still beat you up! we had Elder Hinckley here last night for the devo. it was great, but it really made me miss Pres. Hinckley. today i went to the temple for the last time here at the MTC. i will really miss being able to go every week. the Santiago Chile Temple is not in my mission so i do not know how often i will be able to go. i must say that i will miss the MTC, it has been a great experience and the Spirit here is great. i will really miss my teachers also they have been a great influence on me before i leave i will send you some more pics of me and my teachers before i leave. i am a little scared about going down there and not understanding anything, but i think that i will be allright. just pray for me. anyway i am once again out of time, jessie good luck on the new job i hope it goes well. i am glad to hear that to cabin is going well, Kevin and Dad good luck and have fun. i really miss being able to go up there and being able to do that. i cant wait to talk to you all on monday, love you and thank you for everything!
Love,Elder Tyler Nelson

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  1. Good luck to Elder Nelson! He'll be in our prayers. How exciting!