September 21, 2009

HI!! hows it going. well i made it! i guess you didnt get that first email that i send on the day that i got here. it is crazy here. i am in this small town out side of Santiago called Batuco. my comps name is Elder Ojeda. he is from Utah but his dad is mexican. he knew spanish and english before he got here. he is great a hard worker a good teacher and a laid back guy. well i cant understand a word that is being said here but thats ok im getting better. the 18 of sept. is the chile independence day or something like that. so is has been crazy here. people here are all drunk and are always asking me for money because im white. the members here in the one ward in all of batuco are great except there are hardly any. on sunday there was only 28 people! there are alot of inactives. we spend a lot of time doing permaneced which is like reactivation. it is a program an chile that they made because of the problem they have with people falling way. well i dont have much time and a lot to tell you. as for letters and packages you send them to this address: Chile Santiago North Mission, 2680 forestal 32, conchali chile. i think it takes about 15 days or less and is safe for the most part. i actually need a few things if you dont mind; a nice jump rope; a usb cord for my camra( i cant send you pictures untill i get it, because i will send it on the comp) and then a list of birthdays, addresses, emails and anything like that. well i can email anyone that i want but i dont have much time so i will try and email more people next week. i got you emails and letters, thank you so much for them. i am sure i forgot something, but am out of time love you talk to later!
-Elder Tyler Nelson

ALso i need a usb drive if you could. that would be great! also ever second sunday i have to speak in my ward crazy!

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